Shipping Delay Insurance

Due to rising shipping costs and carriers (including UPS) no longer issuing refunds for delays in transit caused by weather or mechanical issues, we have moved to a new Shipping Delay Insurance option available on all orders. Shipping delays are rare and we ship with top quality material to give your livestock the best chance of arriving alive. 

However, in some unfortunate cases, something you ordered may not make it due to a shipping delay. These shipping delays are outside of our control, and of course, yours as well, but they may happen in rare cases.

We still want you to be covered in these cases, so we are offering Shipping Delay Insurance at a cost of $9.99 per order, which can be selected when checking out.

Shipping Delay Insurance will cover any items lost due to shipping delays for 5 days after the delayed delivery. In addition, delay insurance will allow for a full refund of lost items if requested, in lieu of store credit. You are not obligated to place a new order with your store credit, because of something that was lost for reasons outside of your control.

Please note, an item lost as a result of a UPS shipping delay due to weather or mechanical issue, where delay insurance is purchased, is the only instance where a refund can be issued once an order has been shipped.

Our standard guarantee policy does not cover items lost due to shipping delays caused by weather or mechanical issues, so if you do not select the option for delay insurance and a delay occurs, unfortunately any items lost as a result of the delay will not be covered by the guarantee.